We are still here.

Posted 12. April 2018

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Hey everyone,

This thread is just to set some peoples minds at ease, we are still here and very much alive. I have recently been on holiday which has caused a major delay in development, and Hiddenbanana has just started a new job which means he won't be as active, but is still very much with us.

KarlBrittain is also still here, he is expecting his first little baby, so he is busy preparing for his new arrival so he may not be as active either, he may also be starting a new job which means he won't be as active either.

Not to worry though, we are slowly adding the last couple of bits for LayerBB 1.1.0, so expect a release in the next couple of weeks.

On behalf of the entire team, I apologies for this major delay and no communication to our beloved community.
Kind Regards,
Andy Rixon
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