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Posted 14. May 2018

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I noticed I wasn't able to control certain things, or am I just being stupid? I can't figure out how to allow a forum to be readable by guests but not postable in by guests at all, the ACP is nice to use but this needs to be a resolved thing soon if you want LayerBB to be taken more seriously I guess
It doesn't have to be overblown either.
As well, separate groups for local and global moderators would be nice. Just don't do it the stupid way (i.e. how SMF does it) and not allow editing the permissions for local mods on a global scale, instead have it so you assign them to the group first and then assign the forums to them (this might need a bit of extra code but bleh it's better), so a 'staff boardroom' type forum can be accessible to them too as well as globals/admins.
Posted 15. May 2018

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I agree the forum permission system needs more work, I want to make it match what I have done on the Download system.
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